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Dane County Department of Waste & Renewables

RNG Facility

Welcome to the Department of Waste & Renewables

Our mission is to provide environmentally-sound and sustainable waste management and renewable energy solutions for current Dane County residents and future generations  This includes looking at waste as a resource to create renewable fuels and the conservation of landfill air space through waste diversion, recycling, and efficient operations.

The Department is responsible for the management and operation of Dane County’s landfills, renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities, Clean Sweep, construction and demolition (C&D) recycling facility and various other recycling programs.

Watch Videos Of Us In Action

A view over a Wisconsin forest and the words "click to watch"
  • Learn more about Dane County's latest earth-focused projects.
Two people sorting materials and the words "click to watch"
  • Explore the process of recycling construction and demolition materials.
County Exec Joe Parisi laughing with a landfill employee and the words "click to watch"
  • See how Dane County turns Methane gas into a profitable resource.
Two people sorting materials and the words "click to watch"
  • What happens to your TVs and cell phones after you drop them off?