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Landfill Rates and Hours

Traffic from I-39/90 will be impacted until October due to WiDOT construction project. The ramps to east bound US Hwy 12 & 18 will be closed and traffic will be directed to use the Beltline’s Stoughton Road Exit (Exit No 142A) where drivers can then get back onto east bound US Hwy 12 & 18.  Please refer to this news story for additional details:

Additionally, due to the CTY HWY AB Interchange project, access to Dane County Landfill and Clean Sweep will soon be changing permanently.  Effective September 22, 2023, there will no longer be direct access from US Hwy 12 & 18 and all traffic will use Exit 269 off US Hwy 12 & 18 to access the site from our newly constructed frontage road, Maahic Way/Landfill Dr.  Due to this new frontage road, the following updated addresses will be effective September 11th, 2023:

  • Dane County Landfill, 7102 Maahic Way, Madison, WI 53718
  • Dane County Clean Sweep, 7004 Maahic Way, Madison, WI  53718

Clean Sweep will also now have a dedicated/separate entrance approximately 2,500 feet west of the current landfill entrance to alleviate traffic congestion on the current landfill driveway and improve safety for our staff, customers and visitors.

Welcome to the Department of Waste & Renewables

The Department of Waste and Renewables is responsible for the management and operation of Dane County’s landfillsrenewable natural gas (RNG) facilitiesClean Sweepconstruction and demolition (C&D) recycling facility and various other recycling programs.

Our mission is to provide environmentally-sound and sustainable waste management and renewable energy solutions for current Dane County residents and future generations. This includes looking at waste as a resource to create renewable fuels and the conservation of landfill air space through waste diversion, recycling, and efficient operations.

The Department operates as an "enterprise fund" which means all of our operations are funded by the fees we charge for services and not by taxpayer dollars. In addition, excess revenue from the sale of RNG helps fund other County initiatives. Our integrated and innovative approach to operations ensures an affordable, long-term waste management system for Dane County.


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