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The Trash Lab is currently at our Clean Sweep facility and open for viewing from 9 am - 12 pm Monday through Friday.

Visit Trash Lab during Kids Building Wisconsin on Saturday, September 11th from 9 am - 3 pm at McKee Farms Park.

Created by the Dane County Department of Waste & Renewables in collaboration with Madison Children’s Museum, the Trash Lab is a mobile exhibit designed to educate and motivate us to create less trash and rethink our relationship with waste.

Inside Dane County's Trash Lab

Trash Lab SideHoused in a fully accessible, 27-foot-long repurposed cargo trailer, Trash Lab features more than 10 playful interactive stations, engaging stories, and a wealth of data, along with compelling photography and video footage. The exhibit’s whimsical exterior and immersive interior environment will capture visitors’ imaginations as it travels throughout Southern Wisconsin. The exhibit explores the social justice, economic, and environmental effects of waste, connecting our local experiences to both local and global outcomes. Trash Lab will help citizens of all ages better understand the implications of the waste they produce, how landfills work, and new opportunities for more sustainable solutions.

The Trash Lab has also been designed to advance equity and inclusion of solid waste and recycling education. The Trash Lab can be hauled to events and taken to schools that may not otherwise have the means to travel to the DCDWR’s site to learn about solid waste & recycling. The Trash Lab is wheelchair accessible and there are also booklets available for visitors who wish for a Spanish translation of the exhibit materialls.

In early 2021, Trash Lab received recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Education from the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin.

Building The Trash Lab

Trash Lab InsideTrue to its mission, the project models sustainable exhibit development. It uses predominantly repurposed materials, including a reclaimed trailer, reclaimed wood and stone, and assorted objects and artifacts found in the Dane County landfill. The entire ceiling of the trailer is lined with colorful items found in the waste stream, all in perfectly good condition, including an old rake, children’s toys, dinnerware, shoes, tires, jewelry, garden supplies, and car and truck parts. The overall weight of the project is 4,552 pounds, incorporating 4,100 pounds of reclaimed parts and materials (trailer, reclaimed hardwood, hardware, stone, objects and artifacts) and 452 pounds of new materials (plywood, plexiglass, wood, hardware, and lighting). Reclaimed materials account for 90% of the exhibit’s weight. It doesn’t just stop there either. The Trash Lab exhibits were also designed with modularity, meaning the exhibits can be taken out with relative ease. This design with end of life in mind allows the Trash Lab to be used as a hauling trailer again at its end of life. 

Trash Lab Visitor


Visting The Trash Lab

When not traveling, Trash Lab will be permanently housed at the Dane County landfill, where it is expected to welcome hundreds of visitors annually as part of Dane County’s public tours of the landfill and on-site renewable energy plant. Trash Lab fans can follow the Trash Lab’s journey and tag their experiences exploring the vehicle at the Dane County Trash Lab Instagram page @renewaste

Interested in hosting the Trash Lab in your community or event? Contact Sujata at for more information.



Volunteering With The Trash Lab

VolunteersJoin us in helping educate the community on where the waste you create goes and how to move towards a sustainable future by being a Trash Lab Expert!  Anyone who is enthusiastic about recycling or zero-waste and aged 15+ are welcome to sign up by emailing for more details.

What does mean to be a Trash Lab Expert?
A Trash Lab Expert helps share the story behind the Trash Lab and knows how to use the Trash Lab as a tool to educate the community on what happens with their trash and why it is important to manage it in the way we do. You will also demonstrate the different interactive activities within the lab. We hope you can share your enthusiasm for the environment by protecting it and building sustainable habits with others. Community members should leave understanding their impact on the environment and what they can do about it.

What are the Trash Lab Expert Perks?
Waste & Renewables will reach out to Trash Lab Experts via email as opportunities to staff the Trash Lab at various community events arise. As volunteers, Trash Lab Experts get free admission into the events the Trash Lab participates in, such as the Dane County Fair and Kids Building Wisconsin Festival. We also offer periodic gratitude gifts to the Trash Lab Experts that volunteer the most hours with us, as we appreciate immensely your time to help us share the story of our community's waste.


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