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COVID-19 Response: The health, safety, and well-being of our employees, customers, vendors, and visitors are of utmost importance. Currently, Clean Sweep and the Product Exchange Room are CLOSED to residential customers. The following WDNR fact sheets contain helpful tips and alternate disposal methods for some household hazardous wastes & batteries. Hold on to any of the items not suitable for your trash or drain. Please also browse our Recycling & Disposal Directory for alternate electronics and hazardous waste recycling options. If you would like an email notification announcing when services have resumed, please let us know here. Clean Sweep is still accepting appointments for Small Businesses and VSQGs, at this time.

Dane County Clean Sweep

The Dane County Clean Sweep Facility is located at the landfill site and operates year round.  The facility accepts hazardous chemicals and electronics from Dane County residents.  Clean Sweep also accepts hazardous chemicals from businesses and farms. 

Clean Sweep visitors and customers do not need to use the scale to weigh in and should drive past the line of traffic at the scale house to Clean Sweep's drop off area.  Staff will greet you and help you unload your items. You will be asked for proof of Dane County residency.  Get more information on: 

Customer Interaction                      Don't Toss Your Old Electronics, E-Cycle Them!

                                   General Guidelines

  • Package material in boxes or rigid totes to keep products upright and prevent spillage during transportation and unloading. Keep all materials in their original containers.  If the container is damaged, place it in individual plastic bag.
  • Do not mix materials or co-mingle your waste in plastic bags.
  • Facility operators reserve the right to refuse any waste or material deemed unacceptable.
  • Remove all batteries from electronics and turn in separately.  We accept lithium and rechargeable batteries only, no alkaline batteries please.   
  • Transport gasoline or other fuels in an approved container (no larger than 6 gallons). Clean Sweep staff will empty the fuel and return your container, time permitting. Unsafe or damaged fuel containers will not be returned.